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When pondering the thought of owning a luxurious spa or hot tub many things come to mind. Relaxation & fun will be at the top of most of our list, but an Elite spa is so much more. Water under pressure from jets can alleviate the muscle tightness produced by stress and anxiety through the application of direct massage and heat. From a targeted stream for deep-tissue massage to relaxing micro-bubbles, our jets give you a variety of hydrotherapeutic massage types. For thousands of years, people have been drawn to water that naturally springs from the earth. Relaxing heat, muscle stimulation, and lighter-than-air buoyancy relieve physical burdens and brighten the spirits. Researchers have observed the healing effects of hydrotherapy: improved circulation decreased joint pain, and acceleration of the body's natural healing processes. No scientific research is needed for these benefits: the instinctive comfort of settling into jet-driven water; the way stress seems to release itself into the steam, and the spring in your step after a hydro therapeutic session in an Elite Spa. Water is used in physiotherapy to speed recovery from injuries, relieve muscle soreness by facilitating the removal of lactic acid, open the blood vessels to improve circulation, help the muscles around arthritic joints relax, and promote the flow of endorphins. Singleton's Elite Pools & Spas offer a wide range & applications of each of our spas. If you are looking for the ultimate in aquatic fitness & fun our Swim spas (Infinite Pool) has you covered. Our Swim Spas can be installed in ground, partially recessed, or completely portable. Whether you choose from our large selection of portable spas or our Olympic line of swim spas you can rest assured you are getting the best, most current technology available to you the consumer. Thanks for considering Singleton's Elite Pools & Spas for you hydro therapeutic needs.

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People have known for centuries that hydrotherapy can do amazing things for the body. Today, we perfectly capture the essence of warmth and water movement for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Our superbly designed spas have the ability to ease pain & accelerate the natural healing process. Our spas deliver the most advanced hydrotherapy available with superlative features that take into consideration the contours of the body & the senses. The design affords the user the benefits of the ultimate hydro therapy massage. The combination of precision jets, ergonomic design, and perfect water flow will help you discover your own private oasis in your own home.

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Fitness Concerns? You need a swim spa...

For FITNESS be sure to check out our SWIM SPA SERIES (Infinite POOL) Our Swim spas offer the ultimate in aquatic exercise. Don't wait for summer to start your exercise program when you can exercise year round with your new SWIMSPA. We all now realize the benefits of a Healthy lifestyle that comes with adding water aerobics offers with the no impact Swim spas not only have the WOW factor, they also create currents in which you can swim against for a TOTAL body workout! Our SWIMSPAS come in a variety of seating arrangements and many different jet packages and other options including LED lighting, waterfalls, AM/FM CD stereo systems, LCD TV models! Our SWIM SPAS can be built completely PORTABLE or recessed partially INGROUND for your convenience.

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